Distributor shall oblige the retailer to which he will sell the Products to maintain the following retail standards:

    1. Retailer’s sales personnel shall be familiar with the Skullcandy technical and functional features of the Skullcandy product line. At least one employee of the retailer shall be a specialist in the sale and use of Products, which person shall be capable of giving technical and other support as necessary to the other employees of retailer.
    2. Retailer personnel shall promote the Skullcandy product line to the best of their ability.
    1. The location of brick and mortar retail establishments must not detract from the reputation of the Skullcandy brand. Specifically, the retailer must be located in an area that is surrounded by businesses of such caliber that are consistent with the image of the Skullcandy brand.
    2. The exterior and interior décor, fixtures and overall appearance of the store shall be of high quality and in good taste, consistent with the standards of Skullcandy. Products shall be displayed either in Skullcandy branded displays provided by Skullcandy or in such a manner that is consistent with the standards of Skullcandy. Products shall be merchandised in such a manner to insure that the products may be readily viewed by potential customers visiting the retailer’s premises.
    1. Any website utilized by a retailer to promote and/or sell Skullcandy branded products shall be maintained with the following standards:
      1. Retailer may not use the Skullcandy brand name or any other Skullcandy trademark in any part of the domain name.
      2. The Skullcandy brand shall be presented on the homepage of the retailer's website, or be immediately accessible from the homepage, intuitively and through an efficient internal search engine.
      3. Retailer shall not sell the Products via any third party platform carrying the name or logo of such third party platform.
      4. Skullcandy product images used on the website must be obtained from Skullcandy or the Skullcandy web site, and must be maintained in a jpeg format or other format of equal or higher quality and may not be enlarged or reduced.
      5. Retailer’s contact information must be easily accessible on the website.
      6. Retailer shall include a fully operational shopping cart and dealer will be responsible for all credit card fees and will implement a policy to maintain the security of credit card information obtained.